These cheerful flowering plants give your surroundings an exotic & Mediterranean look.
Place these plants in a sunny but sheltered spot.


In terrace pots, do not let the soil dry out while ensuring good drainage (no wet roots). In the summer this means on average 2x per week. For those grown outside in the ground, 1x per week is usually sufficient.


Because these plants continue flowering throughout the entire season, they require a lot of fertilizer. Feed them every week in their water.


It’s natural for these plants to keep flowering the entire season, from early in the spring to late in the autumn. To stimulate continuous flowering, remove the dead flowers so the plant can devote all its energy to the new flower. You could also trim long branches to keep it in a nice shape.


They cannot withstand frost. You could overwinter these plants by placing them in a frost-free, bright and cool spot. Prune the plant back in the autumn and ensure that it becomes dormant. Watering should be reduced to once every 3-4 weeks. When the temperature in the spring rises above 12°C, the plant can be put outside again.