Sustainable, in every way

Being sustainable:
we do it at Plantanious
not because we have to, 
but because we CAN!

We think it is important to grow all our plants in a sustainable and responsible way, and we also want this to be accessible. That way, everyone can really enjoy our beautiful plants, knowing that they have been grown with respect for nature. Plantanious is good for people and animals, and you can tell! How? Continue reading to find out how sustainable we are...

aardwarmte - duurzaam

Plantanious works 

and produces fully

climate neutral.

We make use of geothermal energy, for which we are affiliated to the 'Nature's Heat' geothermal project. This enables us to heat our greenhouse 100% by tapping into the heat source that lies 2.5 km deep. This means that we heat our greenhouse without emitting any CO2, something that is still unique in horticulture. We are rightfully proud of that!


Solar energy

We also make grateful use of the power of that thing that makes many people so happy: the sun! We will spare you the trouble of counting: we have no fewer than 735 solar panels on our roofs! This is how we create our own power supply. And all that with the sun's rays, which nature gives us as a gift. Just fantastic!

adopt rainforest

Adopting a piece of rainforest: it may sound crazy, but this is serious business! Our organisation commits itself by donating a part of its turnover to Adopt Rainforest. In this way, we also protect part of one of the most special places in the world:

The rainforest in Costa Rica.

Monstera blad

Working together fairly

You go faster alone,
but you get farther together.

Working together honestly and on a long-term basis is also very sustainable. Honesty is the best policy. Say what you mean, and do what you say. We work together with a nursery in Costa Rica with which we create beautiful products. The warm climate there is ideal for realising ‘specialties’. As it allows us to add these special plants to our already extensive assortment, we are grateful for being able to use the warmth and high light intensity of Costa Rica. And we can keep on surprising our customers!

Adopt Rainforest

Plantanious works together with the Work with Nature foundation. Our tropical rainforests are disappearing at a rapid pace and an enormous biodiversity is being lost along with the trees. If it were up to us, the jaguar would soon walk around again in the rainforest in Costa Rica protected by 'Adopt Rainforest'! The place where many of our special plants originate. In order to make an important contribution to the goal of the foundation - to protect 2,000 hectares of rainforest in the next ten years - we donate part of our turnover to protect part of the tropical rainforest. To achieve their goal, the foundation puts money into protection, conservation, reforestation, education and research.