wij zijn plantanious
Wij zijn Plantanious





Surprisingly green!

Plantanious is a dynamic, innovative and sustainable horticultural company specialising in the cultivation of houseplants and flowering seasonal products. Not only do we grow plants in our own 4.5ha greenhouse in the South Holland region of Westland, we also benefit from fair and long-term partnerships locally and abroad. This allows us to cultivate a broad assortment of many different and surprising products for the market. And we never stand still for a moment! We are constantly searching for new and surprising products and trends to make life more pleasant.

Not just green,
but the greenest

Plantanious is more than just a company: it is also a vision.
Because at Plantanious, we act and think green. For example, we heat our greenhouses with geothermal energy, and we supply our own electricity needs with a huge array of solar panels. We are justifiably proud of our CO2 reduction, which means we can make our products even greener than they already are!

Family business

Plantanious is built on the foundation of Kwekerij Loek Jansen, a family concern that has been a pioneer in the cultivation of houseplants and flowering seasonal products for three generations. In the past twenty years we have specialised in cultivating Ficus and container plants. Plantanious is run by the twin brothers Joost and Freek Jansen, entrepreneurs with a unique, clear vision and a heart and passion for green. Their mission: grow the company and let it flourish while realising a green, healthy world.

Adopt Rainforest

Plantanious works together with the Work with Nature foundation. Our tropical rainforests are disappearing at a rapid pace and an enormous biodiversity is being lost along with the trees. If it were up to us, the jaguar would soon walk around again in the rainforest in Costa Rica protected by 'Adopt Rainforest'! The place where many of our special plants originate. In order to make an important contribution to the goal of the foundation - to protect 2,000 hectares of rainforest in the next ten years - we donate part of our turnover to protect part of the tropical rainforest. To achieve their goal, the foundation puts money into protection, conservation, reforestation, education and research.